Thursday, 7 July 2011

Simply Sassy Traveler-Tutorial

Hello All!! Autumn here, with your tutorial Thursday and today I'd like to share something I created myself. Some of the girls on the Dt thought this would be a great thing to bring along with you on a trip somewhere, hence the name, but it can be a great gift for anything. So, here is my Sassy Traveler...


And if you follow along with me today I'll show you how to make one too!

First, here are you basic needs:

Sassy images: 1 for the front, 1 for the matchbook, and more(wouldn't recommend more than 6) for the inside of the matchbook.

3 pieces of STRONG cardstock(I used tag board) cut to:
7&1/4, 6&1/2, and 6&3/4
(these will make up the base)

1 pc STRONG cardstock cut to 4&1/4 x 11&1/2 
(for matchbook)

4-6 pieces paper cut to 4 x 5&1/2
(for images)

Strong adhesive, scoring board, perforator, ruler, eyelets or string,etc(for matchbook closure)

Let's begin by scoring our main pieces:

When finished fold on the lines and prepare them for adhesion. 

Here is how I applied my tape. Next you will want to put them together making sure the both of the in center pieces sides are on the inside.... Thus making your edges flush with the back of the card.

Should look like this when done. Sorry for all the junk in the background, there really wasn't a good place to photo this.

Next, the match book. We will again begin with scoring.

I'm not sure you can see that very well, so score at:
1/2",5/8", 6&1/8", and 6&1/4"

Next, perforate the papers you have already cut for your images to 1/2" from the bottom

After they are all perforated line them up together and choose where you would like your holes making sure they are about central in the 1/2" area but it doesn't really matter how close they are.

Then cover with the match book and punch holes into that and insert something to hold steady. I recommend eyelets as string can be to flimsy when tearing out the pages, but if that's all you have it will work.

It will look like this when finished.

Now you can decorate all the pieces how you like, just keep track of your openings and don't stick down the very front just yet. When it's all decorated you'll want to find a good way to either make sure your markers/colors stay put or make them removable. I had planned on using velcro this time around, but couldn't find it, so I opted for magnets. This...

 ... is what that looks like. I like this ides too cause if the child wants to take them out the matchbook and the markers will stick together.

Lastly, here is a closer view of how I decorated my message page and my matchbook...i like to leave that uncolored for older children.
Now, if your project is kind of heavy you will probably want to a ribbon around the whole thing...why I told you not to tack down the front just yet, but if you can come up with another way to close it, by all means go ahead. If you think your good, then you're done, tack on the front and all finished. If you do the ribbon you may want to add another piece of paper to the back to help hold it in place.  

Well, that does it for me today. Sorry this has been so long, I tried to keep it as short as possible. If there is anything at all I missed please don't hesitate to ask. The images I've used today are 'Puppy Love' and 'All Wrapped Up' and are available at Funky Kits. If you try this out I'd sure love to see it so let me know and I'll stop by.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great day!


  1. Fab turorial for a really good gift idea, thanks for sharing xx

  2. Very cute Autumn!
    Hugs, Dena

  3. Great idea Autumn. Thanks for sharing !!

    Hugs, Sandra xx

  4. looks fab, will have to come back and study it later x

  5. I remember when you posted the original project, I was stunned! It's the perfect gift for children and I should dedicate a day to doing these and setting them aside for my daughter to take as bday gifts for friends! :D You rock and I'm bookmarking this now! :D

  6. Just brilliant for little girls - to keep them occupied on a rainy day or on a long train journey. I can think of lots of situations when a little gift like thic could amuse.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. Brilliant idea. Great instructions and fabulous to keep children occupied on dreary wet days.

  8. oh hun brilliant idea,this is amazing you are clever hun stunning detail hugs cheryl xxxx

  9. It's beautiful Autumn. Thanks for a wonderful tutorial!