Friday, 9 September 2011

back to school

Hello and happy friday dear Sassy fans!

School will start again next tuesday for us here in Bavaria.
In today's post I want to share a special little treat - but first I have to give you some general informations about the german tradition of "school cones". Here each kid gets one of these on their very first day of school/1st grade. They bring them with them to school and after the first day has ended they are allowed to open them.
These are big and filled with candies, toys and usefull stuff for school. This tradition excists since at least 200 years and was meant to make their start at school extra sweet.

Here's a pic of my twins on their first day - just to give you an expression of the real size of these...

So, this was 5 years ago - but now my girls have to change school and enter high school. And we thought it would be nice to give them another school cone as it is kind of another very first day at school. But they will only get a small one this time, about 12" high.

So, which better stamps to use for decorating them than

High School Student


Team Spirit!

And this is how they turned out:

I bought two of these already decorated but the only ones I was able to get that day were light blue ones with dinosaurs allover. So I used some white acrylic paint to cover these.
I added some paper strips, stamped little stars in very light color over the paint and added some die cut letters and numbers.
The text is german and means "have a great start at the new school".

And here are two close ups of the "centerpiece" of the cones:

These were made quite fast and simple but I know my girls will love them (and the content of course LOL)!

I used these Copics to color the images:

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!


  1. How awesome is that tradition! I wish we had something like that! Maybe I'll start my own. Now you know you HAVE to post a pics of the girlz today with their cones right! These are simply spectacular and good on you for thinking outside the box by painting over the dinosaurs. YAY!

  2. Wow! Those first ones are almost as big as the girls! What a fun way to start school!!! Jusy love what you have done for their latest ones!!! Cool idea!!

  3. Wow, how huge are those cones. What a fabulous tradition and it's nice to see your more 'grown up' version. xx

  4. Stunning colouring and so pretty project you've made. Love this tradition you have in your country. Hugs, Marion

  5. Both sets of cones look mazing, the ones you have made and the ones the girls got when they 1st started school!

    ** Kate **

  6. Wow what a good idea and fun way to start school nothing like that in the uk, I made a small tea party for my kids when they started school many many years ago. Alison xxx

  7. Gorgeous and what a lovely tradition. So nice to make starting school an treat. Both sets of cones are gorgeous x

  8. What a lovely idea and a great tradition. The cones the girls got starting school look huge! Love the way you've decorated the latest ones.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Erika. x

  9. What a lovely tradition & something for the childrent to look forward to instead of it being a traumatic experience. Your versions for older twins is such a lovely idea too - terrific being able to use the Sassy images too.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. What an amazing tradition.Great pics.Beautifully decorated simply sassy style.Love it.Love Debbie x

  11. What a fantastic tradition! But what I like most of this post is the photo of your young twin...they looked at that age a little of my sisters twin as you can see here: :)

    Warmest greetings, Renata