Friday, 28 October 2011

a light in the night

Hello Sassy Fans and happy friday!

The days are getting shorter and this comming weekend we will be changing the clock again to winter time which means it will be dark around 5 pm...

Well, I have never been a big fan of this (and how can you save daytime if you change the clock so it gets dark earlier? LOL) but well, it's also the start of the time where you can light up a candle in the afternoon and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and some cozy family time.

Since I am really looking forward to this I got the idea of making a candle for my post today.
And could there be a better image than

Little Light of Mine

for this?

I stamped the candle on tissue paper once to melt it in the candle and a second time on normal cardstock to decorate the box with it.

The box was made from doublesided cardstock, behind the window I put some transparency.

These are the markers that I used to color the image -
I also colored the image on tissue paper with them, just trying to add as little color as possible since the color would bleed on the paper, but it blend wonderfully:

Have a happy weekend and enjoy the one hour more of sleep!


  1. I don;t see how we save daylight either but what a fabulous project and a lovely gift. Marianne x

  2. hiya sweetie
    this is absolutly gorgeous hunni, a job well done sweetie
    hugs angelique

  3. Gorgeous, this is a lovely gift.
    Hugs Astrid

  4. Beautiful creation Kathrin and such a perfect gift idea!

  5. Perfect sassy for the candle and the gift, simply love what you've made !! Hugs, Marion

  6. Delightfully vintage colours - & so unusual for the season. It's a lovely idea & well-timed with the clocks changing (as they are doing here in the UK too).
    Paula (PEP)