Monday, 24 October 2011

Simply Sassy Snowglobe Tutorial

Hello Sassy Friends! Autumn here with your first Monday inspiration and I've made a special card and tutorial for you. I came up with a snow globe, shaker, easel card last year and I thought with Christmas upon us you all might enjoy some instructions for that.  I also decided I would attempt a video for this and well, lets just say it's not perfect, but it's my first time, so please bare with me. First, here is...

Tammy in my rendition. I am so sorry for the terrible pics of this, but I was having problems with You Tube and by the time I could take the pics it was really dark out. I will take new ones tomorrow. Imagine with  and some blue papers and you'll get the idea :)

Here are the templates you'll need and the background paper I made and used. Just click on these to make them normal sized and then save. I had a little trouble getting the back globe piece and the circle to match up, but that may just be my printer. If it happens to you, just match up the circle with the lower half of the back piece and you should be good to fo. My apologies in advance, I don't know why it just wouldn't work for me. Oh' also you want to cut on the outermost edge of the circle and the inside edge of the globe base.

*** edited to add*** I figured out how to make the shape in psElements, so the above is the correct size and shape. Cut along the outside lines and round the corners at the bottom and you're good to go. This is in PNG, but if it's needed in jpeg please let me know.

And now on to the videos. Yes, that's plural, as there are several steps involved, but none of them are longer than 10 min :) I will apologize in advance for the number of times I said "ok,so" apparently this has replaced "um" in my vocabulary and my dog and the kiddos got in the way a couple of times, but I just didn't have time to start all over. Oh' and let's not forget I said snow once and actually sounded like those people on FARGO...I couldn't believe that one!!! I really apologize for that!! Alright then, let's hope this works!!
Number 2
Number 3
Ok, that's it. I hope I didn't forget anything, but if I did or you have other questions please feel free to ask and I will get back to asap.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. oh wow hun this is simply stunning the detail is just amazing,just love it,to bits super tutorial too hun hugs cherylxxxx

  2. OMG This is great, loved the video's.
    Hugs Astrid

  3. hiya sweetie
    OMG this is gorgeous sweetie
    i have no other words for it
    great video's hunni
    hugs angelique

  4. Wowww, what a beautiful Toutorial. Thank you to show us. I love it.

    hugs Astrid.

  5. GIRL! That is adorable! Thank you sooo much for the video, I know they are a bit hard to make especially with kiddos and puppies around! You did a fabulous job!!!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  6. Love it Autumn - and will have to give this a try!

    Big hugs,

  7. HOLY CHRISTMAS! this is wonderful. Way to go !!!

  8. Fabulous tutorial Autumn! I can't wait to try one.

  9. gorgeous card Autumn, I will watch the videos later as I really want to try this x

  10. I'm still marvelling at how you managed to put that together with ONE hand & speak with all the distractions PLUS manage to hold the camera steady. Quite remarkable. I love the fact that the snow globe is both see-through when standing up but has a background when flat. Your scenery is delightful. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. I really appreciate having tutorials & this was a wonder as I really couldn't imagine it until I saw how you put it together.
    Paula (PEP)