Thursday, 17 March 2011

Water Colouring Black and White Tutorial...

Hi there Sassy Fans,

I am here today to show you how I personally do my black and white images.  Now I do, do these with my Prisma Pencil as well but it seems to have gone missing and a lot of my work with the Sassy images has been water colouring so this tutorial was the better way to go.  I hope they you enjoy it and more to the point understand my rambling on....  And also will warn you this will be picture heavy and even heavier with waffle, hehe...

Here are the materials I will need, now I will add that when I was sorting the photos I noticed I missed the ink pad so that will come in soon....
In the next picture I have stamped my image into the water colour paper with the stazon ink.  And then there is the ink pad I will be using to colour with, yup I use ink pads and you will see how in a mini...

So to get the ink I need, I squeeze the ink pad, so that I then have ink on the lid like below....

To get the shade I require I scribble with the Aqua Painter beside the image.  Because to start of with I like to colour the image all over with only slightly shadding some areas.  So what you will do first is colour all over.  I always leave the skin till last and always in the lightest shade.

Now I am not sure you can completely see but below one slipper is darker than the other, now while I am only make the first shall we call it layer I still don't like having something so much darker than the other.  So here is what you do to fix this, squeeze your aqua painter a little and put a decent amount of water over the darker area...

Then you get a tissue, in my case one for colouring and one for my nose, hehe....  And you push rather hard to soak up some of the colour...

And now you can see it's rather much the same as the one next to it.  I also added a shade on the sides of her socks and to then make them blend use your aqua painter all over the area....

Now here is the image all coloured with the aqua painter all over.  BUT wait I am far from finished...

Now I get my blender pen, with this I do my shading...

Here is the hair and face already starting to look different with the shading and coming to life.  I still often get my aqua painter after to blend it all together to not have dark lines...

And here is the finished image!  NOW I do not have a card or creation with this in this post because that is coming Friday and I still have some finishing touches to make and really hope you like it as much as I did making it.

So there you have it.  I really hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and that in some ways it has helped someone know a little more about colouring images black and white, which if you haven't guessed already, I LOVE!

Till Next Time, Have a Stamping FABULOUS Day xx


  1. fab tutorial Kellie...what kind of blender pen do you use...sorry if I am being thick??


  2. Hi there Fiona, NO your not at all, I should had said sorry :S They are Stampin' Up!

  3. great tutorial Kellie. I have never thought of using a blender pen. what a great idea. I have just used an aquapainter for the whole picture. Question: do you use a blender pen/aquapainter combination for colour watercolouring as well??

  4. Hi there Karyn, Yeah I often find that the blender pen gives me thet depth and shading I am after. If I think it's looking to dark or not blending I then go over it with a aqua painter and it blends it in perfectly! Hope that helps :)


  5. great tutorial, thanks for sharing. c x

  6. looks fab Kellie, I could never produce that, even with your excellent tutorial. Might have a go though x

  7. great tut chick..i love B&W :0)
    Debs x

  8. WOW what a fab tutorial Kell, I really must try watercolouring black and white, you make it look so easy!!!
    Big huggles

  9. Brilliant tutorial Kellie! i am gonna give it a go at the weekend!

  10. Totally intriguing & the softness is amazing. I too wondered about the Blender Pen but that got answered above - thanks Kellie for putting this together.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. well, you've just made that look so easy Kellie that I am going to have a go at the weekend - thanks for sharing with us !!

    Hugs, sandra xx