Saturday, 23 April 2011

OH La La ~ tag

The best part about making a card is for me to color the Image.
I use my Copic markers and sometimes add some extra shadow with prisma pencils.
Sometimes I even sit down just to color with no specific card or  paper in mind.
Last summer we were on a car trip for almost two weeks and I wanted to bring something to do for the evenings after the kids we're a sleep. 2 weeks without crafty stuff.. not think so, wile with two kids in the back and one of them needing a stroller I couldn't pack lost of stuff, so I brought my markers and a box full of stamped images..
Not all we're used for cards afterwards but I had lots of fun coloring them!

What I wanted to say with that story was that if you have images colored and don't have much time to make a card a Tag is a sweet thing to put with a gift . Confirmation time is also around the corner here in Norway at least.
And if you have lots of cards to make and little time, how about making tags and make a little pocket for the money behind the tag. If your friendly with your sewing machine (which I'm not it always clogs up the thread on my paper) you can sew around the pocket for a nice touch..

So remember for your next long trip or even a weekend cabin trip, stamp up some images and bring whatever you use for coloring..

For this tag I've used OH La La ,Pion paper,seem binding and the thank you note is printed from my computer using Junko's Typewriter 

And I also want to tell you that both Carissa and Lou will start posting next week. 
We are not saying goodbye to Anita just yet as she have a few weeks yet :) 
But I like to give the Guests the option to start before they get their first stamps as we all are Simply Sassy fans and they have Sassy stamps, the more the merrier and we get more inspiration for you guy's!! 

Have a sweet Easter for those of you celebrating and a relaxing bank Holiday for those not celebrating or just a lovely weekend if you don't have time off from work :) Ta daaa be back before you know it!!


  1. Just beautiful love the colours she is the next one on my list, Happy Easter.
    Chris x

  2. Super tag and loving the details. You are right - tags are so versatile and fun to make

    Hugs, Mette

  3. Love your Tag, I tend to colour for the sake of it at times, I just love it,good idea to make a few tags with them.xx

  4. How cute is this tag! I love all the images yourve been coloring lately and WOW your coloring is awesome! Thank you for sharing with us all your wonderful creations. You really inspire me to color and learn more with my copics, I truly hope Ill be as good as you one day. Thank you!

  5. I love the colours on this & it's also brilliant advice. I'm fascinated by colouring so this is a terrific way of practising. Glad Påsk med familjen.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. So gorgeous tag,I love the image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx