Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tutorial: Sassy Color Pop..

I made this tutorial to show how easy you can use your color pencil to make your marker's coloring PoP just a little more.. Here will be lot's of pictures, lots of balabering.. 
and even a mistake.. (swear it was just for sow and tell..haha.. I wish..)
This is just How I do it, and you must find your own, but hopefully this will help those who are a bit scared to try..
I use Prisma color pencils and will tell you what colors I have used here and a bit how I think..
And Yeah.. I've used one of the new girls..
Pre colored image with copic's 
I've used these colors: Skin- E11, E00, E000, Hair- E43, E41,E30, Apple- R32, R20, YG 95
Lips/Skirt- R32, R20   Eye- B32 
Socks/t-shirt- BG53, B00,B000, B0000
Shoes- E47, E35, E43, E41,E40
And it's Always smart to think Light source when you color.
Think where the light come from and try sticking to that 
I start out with adding more shades to the skin with Peach and light Peach, I haven't used solvent to soft out on the skin colors, and for the cheeks I used Pink just apply a little or that color will be too sharp.

Here I've used solvent and a blending stump to soften out the cheek color

I also used Pink on the apple and skirt but no smoothing out, 
sometimes smoothing out takes away the nice shadow

For the T-shirt /socks I used Aquamarine and Light Aqua add only where you want deeper shadow

Soften out with solvent and blending stump

For the shoes and books I used Chokolate and for some stripes in the hair

I've blended  on the shoes ans book but not in the hair

Around the girl I used Sky blue light 

And here you see what happens when you don't use a clean blending stump.. 
Just smooch out with a not so clean blending stump haha I knew better..
And for the shading under her feet I used French Grey 70% 
If you feel your lines has dissepared under the color pencil, this will happen if you color over the lines, sharpen your black color pencil and go over the lines, not too much pressure, as these pencil's are very soft they break easily when sharpened..
Hope this gave those of you not daring to try a little push..
And tune in again Saturday to see what I did to avoid my BIG bump in the road.....As I will make a card with this Sassy sweetie then..


  1. |Fab tutorial maria ... I have yet to use my prismas over my pens.
    Cathy xx

  2. Beautiful cant wait to see the new images in the shop.
    Chris x

  3. Fantastic tutorial! Thank you for sharing with us! Hugs Delphine xx

  4. Oh, I've been meaning to mix my mediums but only gone as far as chalks! Will deffo have a go with the prismas!

    Thx for sharing honey!

  5. One Cute card. LOve it.

  6. Ack, she's such a cutie!!! everytime i see a new one, i say yep i need that one too! LOL

  7. Fab tutorial thanks, I am a newbie to Prisma Pencils so this was a huge help

  8. great idea, have to give this a try x

  9. Oh, I love her too! And I've never thought about using my prismas over my promarkers/copics. Fab idea. x

  10. Fabulous tutorial Maria, and Winking Student looks beautiful!

  11. This is great Maria, thanks fro sharing!! I may have to get me some colored pencils now!!

  12. Thanks for another peek - I like the expression that you've highlighted with the pencils & how the accents are much softer using the pencils. I shall have to try the shading round the image too - just haven't been quite brave enough.
    Look forward to seeing the card.
    Paula (PEP)

  13. Fab tutorial Maria, thanks for sharing your technique. Hugs Tracy x