Thursday, 2 June 2011

Paper Bag Mini Album Tutorial!

Hi Simply Sassy Fans! 

I'm sorry this tutorial is late! I am stepping in for Autumn today and it took longer than I thought to put the video together - it's the editing that gets me every time.

Today I want to share with you are little mini album I'm in the middle of creating for my daughter. She is just ending her kindergarten year and I started this and am now working toward finishing it. Most likely will be my little summer project!

What You'll Need: 
Small Paper Bags *lunch bag size*
Pattern Paper & Your favorite Simply Sassy Stamp to decorate
Strong Adhesive *I used Helmar Acid Free & Craft Glue*

And here is the video...I'm still not completely comfortable talking in front of the camera yet! LOL I feel silly talking to an empty room....and I could NOT figure out how to add music to the parts I sped up so I apologize for the silence but it really helped to keep the video under 7 minutes. :D I hope you like!

Paper: October Afternoon Report Card Collection
Adhesive: Helmar Acid Free Glue, Helmar Craft Glue & Helmar 450 Quick Dry


  1. I love your paper bag album Carisa and you did a fabulous job on your tutorial. I can't wait to make one :)

  2. I like your paper bag album. Great tutorial. Thanks

  3. This is excellent - not until I saw your tutorial had I even considered making one of these but watching what you did just got me excited about possibilities. Thank you for opening my eyes!
    Paula (PEP)

  4. This is a fab tute Carisa! I love how quickly these type of albums come together! So clever!! Are you going to post some pictures once it's all finished? ;) I would love to see!!

    P.S. Loving your nails! ;)

  5. I started one a couple of years back for my daughter, I really must finish it! Well done Carisa, great idea for your sassy stamps. Hugs Tracy x

  6. what a fab idea and a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing