Thursday 24 March 2011

Tutitorial: tea-light candle/gift box card

Hello Sassy Ladies! Autumn here with your Thursday tutorial and today I wanted to show you how to make a tea-light candle box card, or however you wanna say that, lol. Sure seems like a mouthful that way. This post has a lot of pics so I'm gonna try an talk as little as possible.

Ok, for the tea-light box you will need a piece of card stock cut at 8" x 9". Here.. a template that you should be able to print off and use. Sorry it's not perfect, but I'm not very PS savvy and it would have taken me ages to figure out how to make one in there. I'll put it on my list of things to figure out though.

If using this template you will cut on all the dark solid lines and and fold on all the dotted lines. All the lines will be scored.

This is a close -up of what the scored lines should look like on that piece of card. You will score at:
3 1/4, 4 1/8, 7 3/8, 8 1/4 from left to right on the 9" side
essentially your spaces will be 3&1/4, 7/8, 3&1/4, 7/8, & 3/4 if that's easier to understand.

on the 8" side:
3/4, 1 5/8, 6 3/8, 7 1/4
3/4, 7/8, 4&3/4, 7/8, 3/4

Next Step:

Cut off the excess corners. The corner flaps I've left are not necessarily needed, but I think they make the box sturdier and look nicer in the end. If you cut them off it won't be a big deal.

Get a die or something as a guide to cut a space in the front of your box

I only have a few circle spellbinders so I used a shape I'd previously cut with my circut, that fit.

You see here, I'm gluing, but I miss a step, lol. You're probably gonna want some acetate or something in that empty little brain completely forgot this part, no big, I got it in...but it may be easier if you do it correctly, lol. Then, you can do this step and glue/tape(as long as it's strong) together.

Here's what the back should look like when it's done.
Making the card is really simple.
You will need a piece of cardstock cut at 6"x 10" then score 4&1/2" in from both sides...this will leave you with a one inch middle which is just a bit larger than your candle box. Then you've got your basic shapes now decorate as you like.

Here is my rendition....

I've used Bad Hare Day and colored her to match the Prima papers I used.

I colored her a bit differently. Used different skin tones and went out of the norm with the outfit, but I like it.
Here's a side view of the card open. I've chosen to use a ribbon to keep the card closed and hold the candle box in place so it can easily be taken off, but you could also glue it on if you like.

Just to show you these measurements will yield you a box that will hold six candles.

Finally my copics.

I will leave you at that since this has already been such a long post. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments or visit my personal blog and contact me thru e-mail. If you try this out I'd love to see what you make so please feel free to share it with me.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. i love this! what a great gift idea.

  2. Loving this idea another item to add to my list of have a go!

  3. Thanks for this Autumn, I love your tutorials.

    Hugs, sandra xx

  4. ooh..fabby tut:0)..i've printed it off to have a go :0)...and love Bad Hare Day :0)

    Debs x

  5. so gorgeous. I made one of these before and loved it so might have to have another go before Mother's Day x

  6. Fab tutorial Autumn, love how you have coloured her, beautiful. Hugs Tracy x

  7. What a great tutorial Autumn, I love your colouring and the finished result, and the instructions are so easy and clear, I'm definitely putting this on my list of things to make :D!


  8. Fantastic tutorial Autumn, thank you so much, I love the finished box.
    Suzi x

  9. Awesome tutorial sweetie!! And gorgeous Sassy girl!!

  10. Thank you for the tutorial Autumn. I can't wait to try one of these.